Heartfield’s Modern Political Art Influence
From Dada To Antifascist Masterpieces

Modern Art As A Weapon Against Alternate Facts, Ignorance, & Bigotry.
Art Exploring Evolving Media & New Techniques.

Powerful Modern Art By “Reveal Art” Artists

The artist John Heartfield wanted his artwork to be easily available to as many people as possible. He would have loved the Internet. His art was much more than masterpieces of imagination and technique. They were warnings. The consistent message that runs through his work is authoritarians and war can never be solutions to issues that face humanity. That accepting dictators who claim they alone have the answers is madness.

We must resist. Heartfield proved one of the most powerful forms of resistance is to use “art as a weapon” to reveal the true goals of dictators and profiteers without conscience.

Art in the Reveal Art exhibit is not only political. Reveal Art artists find inspiration in the life and work of John Heartfield. They want to expose the alternate facts of the Trump era to reveal the con game being played on America. Some, like the German Dadaists, want to play on modern culture. Others reveal art with techniques that take full advantage of our ever-evolving technology. In a real sense, these artists need to express the fact that social conditions and the out-of-control greed that led to the rise of fascism in the twentieth century still remain very much with us today.

The Reveal Art exhibit is about humor and revelation. The same kind of humor and revelations found in the majority of John Heartfield’s work.

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